I have decided to merge my two separate blogs into a single blog. http://blazinggames.blogspot.ca is where I posted updates about my BlazingGames site when it was active and am now using it to provide information about ports and a rewrite of my Flash Game Development book into HTML Game Development using Adobe Animate. My http://homebrewgamejam.blogspot.ca blog covers my GameJam activity and my work with developing games for older game consoles.

This site will cover the material from both sites as well as some articles related to my research as I work towards my Master’s degree. Instead of posting weekly as I did before, I will go with longer form posts and only post once a month. As spelchan.com , where I post new games (or ports of older Blazing Games content) is updated at the beginning of the month, this site will be posted in the middle of each month.

I should also point out that this is my first time using wordpress so things will probably be ugly for the next while (and since my spare time is almost nil, it could be a long while).

Written by spelchan

Billy Spelchan was an indie game developer who decided to try and get a “real” job only to discover that most the jobs he was after wanted a bachelor’s degree. After returning to school to get the necessary credentials he decided that a master’s degree would be a good idea so is now in the Masters of Science in Computer Science program where he is researching Procedural Content Generation.

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